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Tralala trilili sanny @ 4:13 PM

Slight discomfort due to constipation and tante bulanan but..but...I feel very blessed today!Huahh!!

Woke up late today from all the late-night watching of Goong (I bought the DVD set 'cos I couldn't possibly catch the weekly screenings on TV due to the time slot) and some other TV programmes in between.

Photo courtesy of Korean Tourism Board
I know I'm a little late in watching this but it's good, even though I find both lead actors have sissy faces. Haha. And I cringe everytime the 'Queen Mother' talks because she always does it very, very slowly! The character often has this spaced-out kind of expression which I find testing. Still I like the show despite all the contrivities. Escapist entertainment is therapeutic and inspiring.

I'm a very erratic person in that I often fret for stuff which don't need fretting and yet have this 'all's peachy' outlook (of course in such situations something will just come and burst the bubble). Something which I read today set me thinking, in a strange, but heartwarming kind of way. It's about stress-relieving. ふわふわ暖かい~

Anyways, while life isn't always bug-free I guess I'm thankful of the priveleges bestowed to me and those whom I hold dear. Yesterday Mar's package finally arrived! Tralala trilili senangnya rasa hati Wah...this Dufan song is very infectious. I feel somewhat lamer and happier everytime I hum along to the tune and the cheesy lyrics, hehe . I miss the Dufan of old (what's the name of the mascot ah?)...Mar,
I like the card with the photo a lot!!! Thank you so much for the letters as well! I'm gonna need to scour through lots of things to find my letterset but I'll make time to write back! Or I'll just use up the Margaret comics giftset. No I don't think your signature's funny, it's very sweet! And I love the charm (if you say so)... Akuw terharu dehh...hehe

Oh yeah, due to me oversleeping, I had to go to the Doc to get a half-day MC (not entirely an excuse since I do feel a little unwell, plus I got medicine for my constipation)...The counter pharmacist advised me to eat more prunes ("You know what prunes are, girl?" "What? Don't like?"), pineapple and greens and H2O ("Do you drink lots of water?" "What? Forget? How old are you?") to help my 'stubborn' stomach, as she put it. She told me to stop eating so much goreng2an (she's from Indo too)...and that home-made gado-gado is good 'cos there's lots of vege...

Also overheard someone complaining to her Indon friend that our countrymen is poisoning her (the haze, you know)...I'm miffed,'s all said in half-jest, of course.

Now I'm looking forward to my parents coming here...I miss them (Cue to clean the house all over again)

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I need a pensieve now sanny @ 2:15 PM

To my dismay, the new 'access level' feature in blogger beta proved to be a case of mere smokescreen; you cannot modify the access rights to individual posts and more importantly, 'locked' entries will still be visible to all blogger members. It's not like in カフェ, where you decide who'll be in your friend list and be allowed to read restricted entries. And blogger beta has the annoying feature of displaying your email address on the navibar (which, fortunately, can be hidden). Google continues its mission to infringe all sun and dry. Dear professors (yes, they only employ PhDs!), please spare us mere mortals who value our privacy from your all-prying search engines....

On another note, I gotta buy mooncakes today (the ones I'd wanted had been sold out last weekend)...the snowskin versions from Raffles The Plaza! They're the best-tasting ones so far this season (barring the usual place from where we always buy our mooncakes, which I have yet to visit this time round)!

This morning forgetful me once again did something which I shouldn't do (forgive me!), hopefully there won't be any bad repercussions *cross fingers*...Promise I'll be extra extra careful next time

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